About us

The NFNZ – the Endowment Fund for Independent Journalism supports editors and individuals who are engaged in serious journalism and honor the principles of liberal democracy. It helps spread free, pluralist and socially important information through grants, awards and professional assistance.


The development of the global crisis of the media and the concentration of the ownership of media titles in the hands of people with a great economic and political influence have weakened independent and quality journalism in the Czech Republic.

Therefore, a group of enthusiasts who have a keen interest in professional journalism and objective reporting agreed on the need to create a new model of support for independent media, and created the first endowment fund to support independent journalism in Central Europe – the NFNZ (Endowment Fund for Independent Journalism) in mid-2016.


The fund focuses on raising funds from donors. In the interest of transparency, it has laid down strict rules for accepting donations: they cannot be anonymous; amounts exceeding CZK 10,000 may be donated only on the basis of a written deed of gift; donations exceeding CZK 250,000 must be approved by the Board, etc. The NFNZ does not accept grants or donations from the state resources and authorities or any administrative authorities of the Czech Republic or European Union.


The NFNZ regularly announces grant calls for media with transparent ownership structures that are not part of any established publishing house and are not financially linked to political groups or special interest groups. Individuals working outside newsrooms can also apply for a grant; public media, however, are excluded from support. Every application for support is reviewed by external evaluators who prepare expert opinions for the Board. Based on the recommendations, the Board may decide to support the project.

Since its establishment, the fund has supported projects worth CZK 14 million.

In recent years, the fund has supported projects of the following editorial teams: Neovlivní, Reportér Magazín, Hlídací pes, České centrum pro investigativní žurnalistiku, A2larm, Deník Referendum, Sinopsis, and more.

In addition to direct financial support, the fund focuses on three main areas – more responsible and better work from the media, professional affiliation of journalists and increasing the number of consumers of high-quality and independent journalism. For this reason, we have created mapamedii.cz, a site that collects information about the Czech media and the quality of their work.

At the beginning of 2019, we established a national branch of the International Press Institute (IPI), a global organization bringing together media executives and leading journalists and commentators to strengthen the professional affiliation of journalists. The first chairman of the Czech National Committee of the International Press Institute (IPI CZ) is a member of the NFNZ board.

We also support and organize academic and professional conferences to provide space for networking and sharing experiences and trends. We keep looking for innovations in information dissemination to increase the number of consumers of high-quality and independent journalism.

Support independent journalism

Join us in supporting independent journalism through financial gifts to our bank account 2113445291/2700.

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